Buy Two Months, Get One Free! 

*Purchasing this package at a discounted price requires you to purchase two months up front. You’ll see the option to add this deal to your cart at checkout. 

These are the services included in our Platinum Package.

Reputation & Review Management

  • Weekly Review Management
  • Choose up to 5 sites to monitor


  • Minimum of 20 posts/updates per month + 20 quick turn around posts from sales and service department
  • Daily comment management/engagement

Boost Management                   

  • Additional ad budget is required (recommended minimum of $300)
  • Manage budget and audiences
  • Targeted audience creation based on Facebook behavior


  • Upload and SEO 3 videos per week (provided by dealer)
  • Daily comment management/engagement


  • 20 posts/updates per month
  • Daily comment management/engagement


  • 3-4 posts/updates per week, curated from images you provide
  • Daily comment management/engagement
  • Increase followers and engagement

If you’d like more information, or to sign up for services, please email us at Mark@MarkJHolcomb.com.

*Buy two months, get one free deal applies to Platinum package only, and requires that two months be paid in full before any services are started.



Click here to see a full list of services that we provide

Reputation & Review Management

Monitoring websites for reviews and responding to comments has a great impact on brand reputation. Buyers want to know that their voice is heard and that their experiences matter. We offer reputation management for sites such as Yelp!, Google, DealerRater, Edmunds, and more.

Facebook Management for Businesses

Facebook is a great place to be on social media because it’s used by almost everyone–college aged students, millennials, adults, and retirees. Status updates that we create for your brand will spotlight your sales and service specials, highlight cars on the lot, and explain new features in specific cars. We welcome any updates you’d like shared and encourage your sales team to send us pictures of them on the lot and sales that they make–car buyers love to see themselves on social media!

Facebook Boost Management

We suggest using Facebook Boosts to drive extra engagement to your account and allow your posts to be seen by more people. Facebook boosts create a community of active “fans” who like and comment on content, which increases brand impressions. A boost budget of $300-500/month is encouraged.

Twitter Management for Businesses

Twitter is a platform for shorter social media updates that uses hashtags to help people find interesting content. It’s a popular way to tell your audience about sales and promotions, and to engage with the local community in a more relaxed digital environment.

Instagram Management for Businesses

Instagram is the most popular social media network and micro-blogging platform right now for millennials–maximum engagement is found with 3-4 posts weekly, and hashtags help to recruit new community members.

Local images, as well as close up shots of vehicles, do well on Instagram.

YouTube Uploading, Engagement, and SEO

YouTube is a social channel for video content–it can be easily shared to other platforms and has a high SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, value. Many times video content will rank higher than other content, so it’s best to publish a mix of video and written content to the internet.